Why Us


Welcome to Kinder Planet Pre-School website. Kinder Planet Pre-School learning center follows a unique methodology to give the best to every child in terms of learning, growth and development. We serve children ages from 1 year to 12 years.

Kinder Planet school is ideal option for Parents who are looking for best pre-school around this area. By now, we have already made a great name and fame, and there are lots of satisfied parents that have expressed their encouragement for us to continue with our aim and vision. The center offers world class environment for learning for the enhanced development of the children.

People can be intelligent in as many as 9 areas.

Kinder Planet pre-school was founded in 2011. We have students from the surrounding areas like Vishrantwadi, Tingre Nagar, Dhanori, Kalas, Pratik Nagar, Bhairav Nagar, Gokul Nagar, Anand Park, Munjaba Vasti, Sathe Vasti and near by areas. We understand that each child has unique needs, and therefore, we try to cater to the unique requirements of each child in terms of learning. We emphasize in the creation of an environment that largely emphasizes on the learning of the children involving all the nine intelligence by means of Kinesthetic, Musical, Logical-mathematical, Linguistic, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Spatial, Naturalistic and Emotional. Thus, the child also gets the opportunity to acquire lots of multi-sensory experiences.


What to expect

The Kinder Planet Pre-School is built to accommodate the needs of young children. Our Pre-School provides a caring environment for your child to develop and learn through play. We achieve this by providing a high staff-to-child ratio and operate a modified key-worker system, which ensures that each child receives the opportunities and encouragement towards the Early Years. Sessions are organised by permanent qualified staff with the activities carefully planned each day to cover these goals.

We assure Parents that your child will be nurtured and taken care of in our school in the best way possible. Kinder Planet also gives emphasis in the development of different learning programs for children of different ages as they learn to grow. We also believe that parents also play a vital role in the entire process of education, and therefore, we actively encourage the participation of the parents in the learning process of the children.

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