Our Educators


Our Teachers Bring the whole Planet to Students

Every great adventure needs a leader. In a Kinder Planet Pre-school, our carefully selected teachers lead both the learning and the fun. From their curiosity to their kindness to their knowledge — teachers have made their mark in the classroom. And now they’re taking their tremendous talents to aim to change children lives. Whether they teach science, languages, art, or physical fitness, our educators all share one invaluable trait: the proven ability to awaken the natural curiosity of young children.

T- Together
E- Everyone
A- Achieves
M- More

We emphasize on the small class size, it helps the instructors to attend and cater to the requirements of individual students and inspire and inculcate the best values in them. In addition to that, they also emphasize on individual learning styles, so that it becomes easy for young child to adopt different skills quite flexibly and rapidly. Moreover, we also involve families in the education process of the child and form a string partnership, so that the combination of this along with improved communication can definitely give the best learning and growing experience to young child.

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