Junior KG / LKG / Kindergarten 1

The LKG stage of schooling plays a significant role in a child's life because it helps in the development of his mind. At this stage, a child learns the basics of almost all the basic subjects. This means the basics in math, science, reading, writing, social studies, and more.

Age: 3½ to 4½ years old children. Timing: 3½ hours every day.

The programme objectives for Junior KG children are

  • Writing
  • Functions and Relationships of Numbers
  • Reading
  • Maths - Simple Addition, less than, greater than, etc.
  • Problem Solving
  • Numeracy 1 to 50
  • Poetry
  • Science concepts
  • Word building
  • Grammar
  • Music and Movement
  • Speech and drama
  • Art & Craft
  • Themes for the month
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